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Powerway Talent Development

Powerway has attached great importance to employees’ career development. Over years of accumulation, it has built a complete talent development system to provide a "double-channel" career development path for employees. Accordingly, there’s no "ceiling" in career development in Powerway. It encourages employee’s long-term internal development, gives priority to promotion of in-house employees, and regularly publishes announcements for competitive recruitment to make everyone do his best through fair competitions.

Recruitment Position
If you have enthusiasm and interest to join our team, please send your resume to us and we will contact you!
Job Department Hiring Education Address Release time
Job Title Sales 2-3 Undergraduate course Wuxi 2021-07-21

Work content:

1. Responsible for achieving sales targets in the region

2. Responding to customer technical problems within the business area.

3. Agent development management and sales activity support.

4. Development and maintenance of key customer markets.

5. Promotion of product application programs.

6. Marketing activity plan and implementation


Job Requirements:

1. Experience in sales of instrumentation or electrical and electronic parts is preferred

2. Have strong communication skills and a spirit of cooperation

3. Science and engineering majors are preferred

4. Bachelor degree or above

Please send your resume to us: sales@powerway-tech.com